Our Founder

Dr Ian Clarke is an Irish Ugandan, who has lived in Uganda for over thirty years. During that time his passion has been for development. He is a medical doctor and when he first came to Uganda he set up a church hospital in Kiwoko in the Luweero Triangle, a part of Uganda which was badly affected by the 1982 – 1986 civil war.

Subsequently, he set up International Hospital in Kampala, Clarke International University and Clarke Junior School. Although he has worked mainly in the health and education sector, he realized the importance of the agricultural sector for development since 80% of Ugandans live in rural areas.

The main coffee crop in Uganda is Robusta and many smallholder farmers grow coffee, but the agricultural practices are poor, and the grade of coffee produced is low. This results in low prices for the farmers compared to farmers in Kenya. Clarke farm aims to be a model farm to demonstrate to local farmers how they can grow Robusta coffee, get higher yields and better quality, which then attracts higher prices. Because the coffee grown on the farm itself is estate coffee, consistency and quality are guaranteed.