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  • Working with Uganda Coffee development authority
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Clarke Farm Coffee

The primary crop is Robusta Coffee, which is harvested, washed and processed to international market standards at specialty coffee level. Currently 270Ha have been planted with a further 10 Ha in process. The farm has been planted with clonal Robusta from Kaweeri plantation, Coffee Wilt Resistant Disease clones and small amount of Elite. Coffee planted in 2015/2016 and subsequently has produced three harvests with a total production for the harvest of Dec 19 – March 20 of 450,000 Kg of cherry.

Clarke Farm is a model hub farm demonstrating best practices in coffee agronomy seeking to improve the quality of coffee that Uganda presents to the world. Clarke Farm’s main focus is washed Robusta, which is of high quality suitable for the international markets as a blend with Arabica. Clarke Farm has and continues to work with UCDA in order to improve Robusta coffee quality in Uganda working with small holder farmers.

Coffee Nursery

Clarke Farm has a mother garden which is used to grow several coffee varieties. These plants are propagated and grown in the nursery for planting at maturity. The varieties within the nursery include Coffee Wilt Disease Resistant Variety from UCDA and the seven lines of Kaweeri. The Nursery's main goal is to make sure there are enough seedlings available for expanding Clarke Farm's Coffee plantation since seedlings as a farm input are quite expensive to purchase. However Clarke Farm would also like to supply cuttings in future to out growers and other coffee farmers on a commercial basis.

Our Process

Mother Garden

Our Mother garden consists of a variety of coffee seedlings. We have all 7 lines of Coffee Wilt Disease resistant varieties and the traditional clones A-F. This ensures that we plant strong coffee varieties that can withstand different changes within the environment as well as pests and diseases.

Cherry Picking

Our coffee plantation is up to 270 Ha (over 650 acres). We specialized in planting robusta coffee across all the coffee fields. The coffee was planted starting in September 2015 and has been planted out in blocks across different seasons different areas at a time. In total, we have had several plantings and we intend to plant more to achieve a total area of 280 Ha.

Wet Processing

Our Robusta cherry is carefully sorted to ensure that only the red cherries are picked. It is then floated and the lights removed then put through the pulper to get parchment which is dried and then hulled to get high-quality green bean with optimum moisture content.


The coffee is sorted and screened to remove any impurities and also to separate the different bean sizes to allow for a great roast. Once roasted the coffee beans are then packaged in branded bags and ready to consume and the shelf life is up to 3 years. The robusta on its own has quite a bit of a caffeine content which is great depending on what one prefers.