Our Impact


Clarke Farm is one of the biggest robusta coffee growing farms in Uganda with upto 300 acreas of Robusta coffee already established and looking to expand. Clarke Farm has worked hand in hand with Kaweeri Coffee which is an even bigger farm as well as UCDA to ensure best agronomy practices and quality seedlings. Therefore, the farm can be used to teach small holder farmers good agronomy practices in growing their coffee.

Our staff on the coffee plantation are well qualified and have vast amounts of experience in coffee growing. The small holder farmers can also take seedlings from us and during the harvest can bring their coffee to Clarke Farm for processing. This ensures that only the red cherry is processed which gives them a premium price for their harvest.


UCDA (Uganda Coffee Development Authority) which is a government body in Uganda responsible for the coffee growing sector in the country is trying to increase the amount of coffee exported out of Uganda and therefore they provide advice on best practice, offer support in terms of planting material for example seedlings through different nurseries across the country.

Our role as Clarke Farm is to try and improve the quality of coffee being produced in Uganda such that we (Coffee farmers) can compete for a premium price on the market. Our goal is to demonstrate that Robusta coffee can be grown as a main coffee crop and fine quality Robusta can be got from Uganda


Clarke Farm hires over 300 (three hundred) seasonal workers from around the area that take part in the different coffee plantation activities; planting, weeding, de-suckering, pruning, fertilizer application, watering and harvesting to mention but a few.

All the activities do not happen simultaneously so we have different groups of people on the farm whenever an activity is taking place. The farm as a whole has about 50 (Fifty) permanent workers that live on the farm and cater to the farm’s daily needs across the different projects.


Local farmer groups and out growers can visit the farm and learn different best practices for coffee and both growth and production levels.

The workers on the farm even just the seasonal ones can take away some skills in agronomy practices as they participate in the different activities on the coffee plantation which in turn can be applied on either their own farms or the farms they work on aside from the Clarke Farm.