Other Projects


Clarke Farm grows about 60 Ha of Maize twice a year.
The seed is got from NASECO and the variety planted is DTmax. This variety is higher yielding and has a higher drought tolerance. The maize is used to make chicken feed and some of it is milled to make posho that is used to feed the farm staff. After harvesting the maize stems are used for mulching and the maize cobs are used together with other vegetative matter for composting and there after used as manure.


We have 10,000 layers at a time in 3 cycles to ensure continuity of supply of eggs. The chicken are reared in cages and at the moment we have 3 rows of cages. The chicken are offlaid at the end of the laying cycle and a new batch of day old chicks are brought in for brooding to replace the off laid birds. The chicken eggs are sold locally in the market around fortportal and Kyenjojo. The chicken manure is also used for composting and spread on maize fields before planting.


Clarke Farm has about 120 goats both male and female. The goats are sold for meat once they are mature enough for the market. The goat waste is also used on the farm as manure for the fruit trees.


Clarke Farm has over 200Ha of Eucalyptus trees, 20 Ha of pine trees and some bamboo. The long term strategy for the trees is for them to be used as electric poles once they are harvested. The trees are now four years old. The farm also has Eucalyptus grandees which are about years old. These have been used in general construction around the farm.

Fruit Trees

Clarke Farm has several fruit trees, Oranges, macadamia and mangoes as well. some of the trees are used as shade trees for coffee in addition to their produce. Altogether the fruit trees occupy an area of about 6Ha. Some of the trees are planted within other existing coffee plantations where they provide shade.


Clarke Farm has 9 Ha of Matooke which are sold in the local market but also consumed on the farm.